16Leases makes accounting leases easier for every Industry

Almost every sector requires accounting lease. Therefore, 16Leases can help to maintain various lease-related results in a number of industries such as aviation, telecommunication, farming & agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, energy, logistics, healthcare, retail, and many more.

Lease commuting for professional service providers

Professional services

The professional industry comprises of various kinds of services such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, etc. 16Leases will facilitate error-free and quick lease accounting computations for the professional services.

Logistics industry leases

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry deals with the obtaining and distribution of a product. Two of the prime requirements of the logistics industry is the storage area and delivery vehicles. For that reason, the sector needs lease calculations. And for their help, we have come up with a proficient solution- 16Leases.

Energy industry Lease

Energy Industry

The energy industry involves processing of energy by detecting the source, finding methods to change the energy source into usable form, and then conduct its distribution. During all the three stages, there can be a requirement of lease accounting if assets are involved. Instead of manual computation, if the company chooses 16Leases, calculation can be done within moments.

Healthcare Industry Lease

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry comprises of businesses that provide healthcare services, clinical services, health insurance, and other medical equipment. As you can see, assets of this industry can be present as building, equipment, and machinery used for making medicines. Here, 16Leases works as an error-free helper for lease accounting and Lease calculations.

aviation industry lease

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry deals with aircraft leasing and management. Therefore, 16Leases is of vital importance here, where the CAs, CPAs, and accounts managers can keep a record of the assets on lease.

Agriculture industry Lease

Farming and Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry deals with the production of crops, food, dairy products. It includes land and assets such as farming equipment, transport vehicles, etc. For that reason, lease calculations is a prime requirement. 16Leases, our lease management software automates lease accounting computations letting the farmer keep the right track of payment schedule, lease liability, and lease ROU asset.

Manufacturing Industry Lease

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry refers to those industries that involve the manufacturing and processing of goods. For manufacturing of these goods, the company may require machinery, workspace, and storage. Thus, an efficient lease computation software is necessary for accounting lease of every single leased asset. For these assets, 16Leases can be a helpful tool to provide accurate lease accounting for manufacturing companies

Telcom industry Lease

Telecommunication industry

Telecommunication industry falls within the sector of information, and communication technology. Hence, in telecommunication lease accounting is required when the company purchases telecommunication/telephone equipment, offices, public switching equipment, transmission equipment, etc.

Real estate leases

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry deal with assets of high value such as building itself, the equipment used, the vehicles, etc. Therefore, one needs to make sure that no mistake is done while doing lease accounting. For the elimination of any error, one can choose 16Leases without a second thought. Moreover, your real estate lease accounting will be perfectly accurate with tabulated payment schedule.

Retail Industry Lease

Retail Industry

The retail industry is referred to as the process of selling of consumer goods and services to the customers through the various channels of distribution. 16Leases helps in automating lease accounting computations for the retail industry making it one of the top retail lease management software