Ifrs 16 Lease Accounting Software

16Leases Introduction

We introduced 16Leases to make the life of people easier who need to deal with lease accounting regularly. In addition, this smart lease accounting software can efficiently generate the required results by a simple addition of lease-related information.

Why Choose our Lease Accounting Software

To keep the use of our lease accounting software convenient, we have focused on keeping the user interface uncomplicated. Hence, this makes sure that even if the user is a layman, he can quickly learn the application and start using it in no time.

Furthermore, exclusive features back the software developed for user’s ease. Inclusion of two-factor authentication, export option, and multiple-user facility provides advanced-level security, functionality, and usability, respectively.

We focus on keeping the application remain compliant with IFRS 16. Therefore, you get the benefit that whenever there is an amendment in the IFRS 16, we will implement changes in our lease accounting software with priority.

Besdies that, As 16Leases is a hosted lease software that provides you have the flexibility to use it on a browser, or you can install it on the desktop, tablet or mobile. For that reason, whenever there is an application update, it will automatically be reflected when you log in to your account.

The application is inexpensive, with top features, functionality, and high-grade security. This makes 16Leases an unbeatable lease accounting calculation software amongst all others.

IFRS 16Leases features

How our Lease Accounting software works?

16Leases is a user-friendly lease accounting software that comes with top-notch security. The user needs to register with 16Leases.com. After that, on successful registration, he gets a welcome email containing his credentials. He can then login to 16Leases and perform lease accounting. Moreover, This lease application conducts lease accounting- IFRS compliant and as per the defined lease standards.

User is then required to provide lease information including Lease Name, Borrowing Rate, Currency, Lease Inception Date, Lease-End Date, Date of First Payment, Frequency of Payment, Amount of Periodic Lease Payment, Total Payments, Financial Year End, and Reporting Frequency.

Furthermore, the user has an option to make certain adjustments for the expected residual value guarantee, the penalty for termination, the exercise price of the purchase option, lease incentives, initial direct costs, dismantling and restoration costs, and advance payment. Based on the information provided, 16Leases calculates Lease Liability and ROU Assets value.

In the end, 16Leases saves the Lease record. By default, the record will appear on the dashboard. The accountants can directly take the data from the result screen and pass the necessary entries in books of accounts.

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