Ifrs 16 Lease Accounting Software

16Leases introduction

16Leases is an IFRS 16 compliant lease accounting software. It makes the process of IFRS lease accounting facile, quicker, and effortless. Hence, with our application, this process can be done in no time. Besides that, it has a gentle learning curve. Therefore, you won’t need to put much effort into learning all the attributes of 16Leases. The application is here to make the job of CAs (Chartered Accountants), CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), finance managers, and accountants simpler. It enables one to calculate IFRS 16 ROU Asset cost and Lease Liability as per the provisions of IFRS 16- Leases. Furthermore, in 16Leases accounting is done taking care of international standards.

Key Features


The straight forward user interface making it simple and easy to use


Saving your time by conducting automated lease computations


It maintains the international standard as it’s compliant with IFRS 16


Quick sharing option letting you share the lease by just adding the email


Get its easy access from any device through cross-platform compatibility


Multi-user support permits adding infinite users with one admin account


It readily provides payment schedule for every lease adding to accounting


The multi-company support feature enables bifurcation of various leases.

How 16Leases makes your lease accounting facile?

Simplify your Lease Accounting!

“16Leases, a leasing software- a new leap in the lease accounting world making the lease calculations effortless.”



Mathew Hall

16Leases has relieved my way of ROU Accounting; ever since I have started using it, everything seems so easier. It is the best application that has been created to make lease accounting straightforward.

Margot Whitney

Finance Manager
I wonder, why didn’t I come across this application before! Switching on from my previous tedious IFRS 16 software to 16Leases is the best decision I have taken. It does not just help me ease my work, but it helps me to work from wherever I want.

William Genske

Finance Controller
I was looking for IFRS 16 lease accounting software and after a lot of research, I chose 16Leases. We found the installation process so easy and the instruction and support is the best we have ever seen. Thank you 16Lease for all your help.

George Slows

Builder manager
The 16Leases team is very helpful and friendly. Post-purchase support is 100% cordial and professional. We never had to wait for a reply to our email or ask again. Every answer was precise and top class. 16Leases is fast, reliable and has no complications at all. It simplifies my lease accounting

Lisa Smith

Builder manager
16Leases has continuously provided excellent service for all our projects. We've been happy to work with their staff, who are always looking out for our interests and have been a key element in our growth. Glad to have chosen 16Leases for all our leases requirements
About 16Leases

About The Company

16Leases is an initiative of Web Masters along with N R Doshi & Partners, Public Accountants.

Web Masters is a software company founded in 1989, providing software implementation such as ERP, CRM, Jewellery solution, and retail management solution. Besides that, the company also offers professional advice on top of implementation to bridge IT together with business objectives to maximize ROI and achieve business goals. In addition, Web Masters has served 2200+ clients in 23 countries.

N R Doshi & Partners is a Dubai based business advisory and accounting firm serving clients all across the world. In addition, it is specialized in cross-border transactions and movements. N R Doshi is a reliable partner for multiple business solutions.

Moreover, the company helps you to get started with your new business. Besides that, it provides services such as finance solutions, human resource management, performance reporting, etc.

Above all, it is one of the prominent members of DFK International, which is an association of multiple finance-related firms. In total, there are around 418 offices are part of this association, serving clients in 92 different countries for over 50 years.